A small white washed houses line 70-80 families is the ridge of Anafi.

In the middle of the town , the Castle , as there were fortified by the Franks On the other hand, the mountain Kalamos with the imposing presence of the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi & Kalamiotissa Monastery, (old and new) plays a special role to date in the history of the island .

The buildings of houses, resembling the vaulted roofs of churches , making it difficult sometimes the visitor to distinguish churches from warehouses and houses .

On the interwar period (1914-1940) for the criminal prisoners beyond the penalty of imprisonment , and applied the penalty of exile and particularly in Anafi .

Served ferry , from the so-called " barren line " and is still relatively untouched by mass tourism . This is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday , rest , relaxation and tranquility , away from the crowds , the noise and crowding , chronic diseases affecting other famous Cycladic islands . In Anafi there are no "resort" with pools , but there are tidy apartments with spectacular views !

In Anafi , there is a great development trekking and general nature tourism
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