The island of moderation and mild tourism development of the last two decades. Villages of Folegandros are Chora, Anw Meria, Karabostasis, Agali, Livadi and Petousis.

The traditional settlement of Chora is built at an altitude of about 200 meters from the sea. The streets of the country and the Kastro, climb the rock of the virgin with the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and exploring the trails are some of the points of emergence of the country and beyond the island . On the other , the harbor Karavostastis calm for swimming and relaxing starting point for buses and surrounding areas.

One of the highlights of the small barren island, is the cave of Chrysospilia. Unique and rare find , are the Rock inscriptions found on the walls of names " good teenagers " who took part in an initiatory ceremony .

On the island of Folegandros there are many , mostly small , too many churches and chapels . The most famous church is Panagia , which is located opposite the High School . Island visitors will encounter many small chapels . In several of them the access is by vehicle , while in others the approach is only on foot . Some of these churches is St. Sabas , St. Barbara , and St. Spyridon.

Folegandros is a unique example of the island of Cyclades with squares in shaping the country. Also , it is filled with churches and chapels , of which stands the church of Panagia , perched on the mountain near the town, accessible only by foot . Traditional dishes are “matsata” , which is locally spaghetti and usually served with braised rooster , goat or braised meatballs , and watermelon , sweet watermelon , honey and sesame seeds ( sesame ) baked in the oven. .

Public transport on the island is by bus , connecting Karavostasis with Chora , Agali and Ano Meria . In summer , using the boat one can visit inaccessible beaches or going around the island

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