Inhabited since prehistoric times and had given important mineral wealth. The island has a lot of beaches in order to discover them that make the island a touristic attraction . The famous statue of Aphrodite, found on the island in 1820.

In the past, Milos had developed agriculture sufficiently. Today the important position held by the secondary sector to the mining industrial materials , while the tertiary sector and in particular tourism activity is growing rapidly

To the island of Milos apart from the wonderful beaches, you will have the opportunity to visit very important archaeological sites and museums and traditional settlements.

While, at the same time a special role in the wider development of tourism in the island , are Hot Springs (spa tourism).

Separate reference point are the famous Catacombs of Milos , a gathering place of the early Christians , and the oldest monument of Christianity in the country, because of which was proclaimed Holy Island (religious tourism Development)

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