An island unknown to many with special Cycladic beauty. It has three settlements, Alopronoia (sea welfare), which is the port, the village and the castle. Small in people with a history from the prehistoric period, supports a form of alternative tourism approach mainly utilizing the ambulatory tourism (caves, canyons, etc.), along with the ecclesiastical architecture, but also in general Cycladic history.

Its inhabitants engaged in pasturage, apiculture and cheese producing points. The main entrance of the castle, which is built on the edge of the cliff probably in the second half of the 15th century, has been demolished, There is Pantanassa Church (1787) with exquisitely carved iconostasis and a collection of great images of post-Byzantine art, including an icon of “Virgin” from Anthony Skordilis. All these samples infamous Cretan School of the 17th, 18th and 19th century transported summer Pantanassa and exhibited in a special room in the City Hall.

The literary references in the course of time for Sikinos are many.

Little, in large islands, harmoniously adapts its diversity. At first indifferent, but then you live with a sense of needing re-visit it.

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