Koufonissia ( Anw- Katw)

Islets belonging to the group of Small Cyclades. Administratively part and served mainly transport from Naxos.

To the Kato Koufonisi will find a picturesque harbor and a few houses, while the top has permanent residents and each year hosts a growing number of visitors. The Walk in the settlement with the church of St. George, the very special natural sea caves accessible only by sea will enchant and underwater photographers. the walks inland trails through which you can get everywhere, and the small but picturesque Cycladic culture of traditional festivals are some points.

Main occupation of the inhabitants is fishing. The few crops on the island, sheep, goats and cows essentially cover the internal consumption of the inhabitants .In parallel, the tourist development of the area evolves slowly. Particularly important is also the fishing fleet that has in relation to its population.

Koufonissia dimensions of space and time differ from known theories.

With your coming you will forget, you will differentiate…you will travel different.

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