Τhe island of Mykonos do not need any recommendations, The Greek Mythology claims that Mykonos was formed from the fossilized bodies of giants killed by Hercules , and took its name from the mythical hero Mikono .

Another mythological tradition in ancient Mykonos mentioned in murder of giants by Hercules on that island , from there seems to came the proverbial phrase " everything under one Mykonos" referring to many disparate and incoherent things

The island was one of the first Greek islands developed tourist. Already in the 1960s flocked en masse tourists to the island. Today, the nightlife of Mykonos is considered to be the most vibrant and active in Europe. The most famous part of the island country is called “Little Venice” because of its similarity to Venice.
v Mykonos Town is in the 50s one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. Mykonos Town is built around the medieval castle of the old town, located on a rocky area near the sea, to the east of the island. The buildings, which are constructed according to the Cycladic architecture, have a special architectural interest. The labyrinthine, narrow streets with plenty of outdoor stairs on both sides, the countless, picturesque churches, windmills, but above all, the harmony of the white landscape, giving a unique effect and an incredibly beautiful aesthetic unity. The western side of Mykonos, which is built literally on the sea, it is equally, if not more, interesting.

Behind Little Venice is one of the most photographed Christian monuments in the country. This is the church of Panagia- Virgin Paraportiani, which in essence is a complex of five smaller temples The oldest part of chuches is of Saint Anargyroi (14th cent), while the others were completed in 1920. The name "Paraportiani" means an era next to the small gate of the medieval castle

Apart from the special nightlife of Mykonos, singular point is considered to be the occupation of the development of local gastronomy as a springboard special approach.

The island is connected by ferry to Athens via Lavrion, Piraeus and Rafina and different islands by air with Athens, and various locations.

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